Monday, 9 June 2014

Day 12. Rest day at Laperche

Day 12. Rest day at Laperche.

Spending two nights at my cousin's in Laperche, a rural community a few mikes from Marmande.

Today (Sunday 8th June) is Pentecost and as David and Janie belong to the scattered English-speaking Anglican community of Aquitaine, we went to church with them this morning. The community has about a dozen centres and there are about seven services each week, in various places. Today's was in the small town of Nerac, where they had borrowed a local, infrequently used, Catholic Church. The church of the Immaculate Conception was built in the 1870s to replace an older church that had fallen into ruin. Jamie was playing the piano for the service which included the blessing of a young child aged about 4.

Back at the house, lunch was home made quiche with salad plus strawberries and cherries. the afternoon's entertainment involved picking cherries and setting out tomato plants.

Brendan had bought some extra strong tape, a bit like reinforced parcel tape, and we have used this to reinforce the fragmented section of the tent pole.

David and Janie's youngest son Matthew lives next door with his wife Claire and children Joshua and Finlay. Matthew works as a builder an indeed is building the house they live in.

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  1. Living the dream, eh! Looks idyllic. I would never have recognised D & J!!