Saturday, 7 June 2014

Day 8. Amboise to Poitiers

Day 8. Amboise to Poitiers. 76 miles.

Said a quick goodbye  to G and D, and Happy Birthday to Dee. Then headed off into the teeth of the wind. Yes, the weather has defined today's journey, which at 76 miles is bit on the long side, but add in the wind, and I was crawling along. I suppose it was good practice for climbing through the Pyrenees!

Running late, I decided to take the D910 rather than my planned route along the banks of the River Vienne. At this point I discovered that I had brought the wrong mobile phone, which was not charged up, so I couldn't contact Brendan to update him. Fortunately he had realised I might be having issues with the weather, and wasn't worrying. We met for a lunch break at Dange St Romain, a small town on a former main road that had lost traffic to the parallel motorway - and like several other villages on that route, was a bit of a ghost town.

We agreed to head to a campsite south of Chatellerault,, but this turned out not to pen until 15 June, so plan B was the municipal site at Chasseneuil du Poitou, in the northern suburbs of Poitiers. A beautiful small site with excellent facilities and shady plots divide by simple wooden fences on which to hang our damp things. Great meal of (tinned) cassoulet, new potatoes and salad. Also a place under cover to chain up bikes!

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