Monday, 2 June 2014

Day 4. Forges-les-Eaux to Ezy-sur-Eure. 70 miles

Day 4. Saturday 31 May. Forges-les-Eaux to Ezy-sur-Eure.

I'd planned a route for today that avoided as many hills as possible, but in view of the navigation issues Brendan had experienced yesterday, I chose a slightly different route via Les Andelys. Thins involved two hill climbs, both fairly gradual, but with excellent long downhill runs to follow.

Les Andelys is a town on the River Seine. There are magnificent chalk cliffs, and a huge castle on the top of one of the cliffs. I was just wondering where Brendan might be (we'd agreed to meet somewhat vaguely near the river) when I heard a car horn sound. We had a picnic lunch in a small tree lined square, then headed for the tourist office to get my Pilgrim Record stamped. I should have taken advantage of their wifi, because it turned out to be the last available wifi for several days.

The afternoon took me through a string. Of very pretty villages, obviously a well-to-do part of France - Paris commuter belt maybe.

I thought we were going to camp at Anet. At the last village before Anet, Brendan texted to ask me to buy a few food items. Unfortunately, I failed to read the rest of his message, which would have told me that he had pitched camp at nearby Ezy. I got there eventually after visiting the Anet site, looking for the 'main square' which Anet didn't have. Got there in the end. And learned an important lesson -to read my emails properly.

Good campsite, with very friendly manager who let us chill our freezer blocks and stamped my Record.

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  1. Well if your trip achieves nothing else (although I'm sure it will!!) we will all be grateful if you now read your emails properly! :P