Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 26. Ribadiso to O Emplame and back. 25 miles

Day 26. Ribadiso to O Emplame. And back. 25 miles.

Another short day's cycling in order to get a bit beyond Arzua while Brendan was walking from Palas to Ribadiso. Also, our friend Mike was in Santiago this weekend, and it gave me time to meet up with him in Arzua.

Mike arrived by bus at 11.45. We had a beer in a cafe in the main square. There are plane trees everywhere, and the square is a great place to sit and chat.
All the locals seem to be doing the same. Something was going on in the church. Mike said it was the Feast of Corpus Christi today.

The bells rang wildly. Then the priest emerged followed by a flock of young children aged about 8 or 9. They were dressed for their first communion.More bells. Then photos, each individually with the priest, then a group shot. The town band was in evidence and they later joined in a procession along the Main Street.

Lunch was at a restaurant called Venus. I had a tripe and chickpea soup followed by grilled hake and chips. Mike had a plate of charcuterie followed by chicken. All for €11 each including an excellent bottle of local white wine.

Great to catch up with Mike who is going on from Santiago to Madrid then Toledo then Avila.

His bus back to town was at 3.45 and I headed back to camp where B had already arrived, a bit footsore, but otherwise OK.

Warm sunny afternoon, so everything has dried out after yesterday's rain. We're planning to eat at the Albergue across the road this evening.


  1. You are really within spitting distance of the end! Are you both going to walk the last stretch?
    There's an article in the Saturday Times Weekend supplement on León. The Holy Grail is there in the Basilica!
    Enjoy the evening.

  2. Too late for Leon, I'm afraid. Yes, on,y one short section of road to cycle. B and I are planning to walk the last little bit from the campsite on Tuesday. I'll wheel the bike, of course, as I want a photo of me and the bike at the cathedral.