Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 15. St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Pamplona. 48 miles

Probably the most strenuous day of the whole trip involving an 800 metre climb up to Roncesvalles in the Pyrenees. It was a steady plod up a 1 in 20 gradient and I managed each kilometre in 6 minutes i.e. about 6 mph. With plenty of stops.

Chatted to a couple of other cyclists. A man from the Netherlands who has an electric assisted bike, and because of a heart condition, mustn't let his heartbeat over 120. This was his 7th cycle camino.

Also spoke to a Czech man who was pushing his bike up the hill. I walked with him for about 5 minutes. Fortunately it was quite cool this morning.

After Roncesvalles, the road was mainly downhill, but still a couple of steep uphills to contend with.

Reached the campsite at Escaba just outside Pamplona about 2pm. It was getting too hot for cycling, so after putting the tent up, we had a shower and then a bit of a siesta.

Well, it's what you do in Spain, isn't it?

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