Monday, 2 June 2014

Day 6. Chateaudun to Amboise. 62 miles

Day 6. Monday 2 June. Chateaudun to Amboise. 62 miles

Today's excitement was to be the arrival of our friends George and Dee. They have combined a trip to France to collect wine from their vineyard (G was given a few rows of vines as a retirement present - not a whole vineyard), with the chance to cycle a bit of the pilgrimage with me.

They were crossing via the tunnel early in the morning and the plan was that we should meet up about 20 miles short of Amboise mid afternoon.

I left Chateaudun a bit later than my normal start time, and our midday stop, at Vendome, was quite leisurely.

This afternoon I came to a wayside cross with a scallop shell on it. A Dutch couple, also cycling, happened to pass me just then, so they took a photo of me and vice versa.

I reached the rendezvous at 2.40 and sat in the shade of some trees. Next to the church and crossroads writing up my log. George and Dee arrived about an hour later. George set a cracking pace, but then he hadn't already worn himself put by cycling 50 miles. Dee followed in the car. Our top speed was about 20mph apparently - but that was on a downhill.

Arrived at the campsite which is on an island in the river Loire. George and Dee are staying in an Airbnb place, also on the island.

G &D came round to the campsite for a glass of wine or a beer. Then a 10 minute walk into town to a charming restaurant recommended by their landlady. It was called La Pause du Temps, recently started by a young couple. Excellent food and local wine.

 Amboise is a delightful town, with many old stone buildings. A huge chateau towers over the narrow streets.

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  1. The huge ramp at the castle is the scene of a very dramatic incident in Queen's Play...drunken horse race with trip wire :( - carnage!