Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pilgrim's Record

In one of the early postings on this blog, I mentioned my Pilgrim's Record, the booklet which I got stamped as I went along, and which I presented at the Pilgrim Office in order to get my certificate, or 'Compostela'.

I thought my readers would like to see it, so here it is.

And here is Brendan's Pilgrim record and his 'Compostela' certificate.


  1. Really liked seeing this. What a unique document. Another good addition would be a map of your route in some form. Hand drawn with 'here be dragons' sort of captions. Some of your campsites and villages aren't in the TImes Atlas...

  2. PS I like the advice not to get you record stamped only in bars!!

  3. I'll try again. Last time I couldn't read the letters to prove I wasn't a machine. hope you got my text but if not WELL DONE BOTH! As i said on text: everone's camino is different and I hope you enjoyed yours and found and continue to find it a blessing. Perhaps you've got 'hooked' on the Way and if so we may meet along it again (again beause life is a camino and we have met a lot on it already.
    love Rosemary H

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. It was a great experience, and although we have now arrived back in St Ives, we are not quite the same people as when we started out. And I don't just mean that I have lost 6lb in weight! I am still processing the whole event. Since getting back I've been adding in photos to the blog posts - so definitely worth looking again. And I'll probably add something about the journey home, and maybe a few thoughts and reflections. We'll see. Brendan's experience of walking in from Sarria was very different from my experience on the bike. So I'd like, some time in the future, to walk the Camino from perhaps Astorga.