Thursday, 29 May 2014

Final preparations

It's been miserable weather this week, so my plans to get the allotment tidied up and grass cut have proved hopelessly optimistic. It was more or less dry this morning. So I drove up there with a large tray of tomato, courgette  and bean plants, which I shoved into gaps where the slugs had destroyed earlier plantings. Our friend David stopped by - he has kindly offered to water the plants if St Ives gets any dry weather!! I cut the grass too.  I picked the first almost ripe strawberries. That was my exercise for today. The allotment will have to take its chance.

I think we're all packed now. And the house is clean.

I phoned my former colleague Rosemary (she has retired as well), who cycled all the way to Compostela 17 years ago. She will be lighting some candles and saying a few Hail Marys for me. Rosemary is walking to Compostela in stages with her daughter. This summer's walk will be near Perigueux in France.

I phoned several family members, including Nick and Christine, who will be travelling on the Edinburgh Trams tomorrow (opening day).

Brendan has been spending some time poring over maps and making notes of which towns and villages he will have to drive through. His big challenge is to get to our destinations without me to navigate. We're only doing 60 miles a day average, so he can take his time.

Finally, a blessing from our friend Yvonne in Oxford. "May the Goddess Isis, Star of the Sea, guard and guide you on your journey. May there be helping hands and friendly hearts every step of the way." Appropriate in two ways - we'll be crossing the sea to get to France, and Compostela means 'Field of Stars'.

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