Monday, 19 May 2014

Back in St Ives - more preparations

On Friday, after the Brighton trip, we caught the train back to St Ives via St Pancras, Kings Cross and Huntingdon.

Today's little tasks included reassembling the disintegrated pannier bag (fortunately I had some spare screws that fitted OK) and buying a new footpump for the airbed (the old footpump's nozzle was too loose for the new airbed.

We had another go at erecting the tent. This happened in George and Dee's garden. The aim was to see if Brendan could put the tent up single handed. He could.


  1. What a smart tent! You will be able to put it up one-handed by the end of the trip!!

  2. It helped that there was no wind and our host was plying us with chilled elderflower fizz.

  3. You'll have a van to take whatever refreshments will assist!